Friday, December 12, 2008

An awesome deal!!!

It's Murphy's law that I like expensive things. This diet is no exception. Lets face it food is expensive enough as it is, but there are stores like Aldi where you can purchase processed foods for cheap to help with the grocery budget. Now I am restricted to specific brands and fresh produce and meats. And then there is the equipment to prepare all of this fine cuisine. On my wish list is a food processor and ice cream maker. We have already purchased a couple of small things...a grater, and double boiler to aid in yogurt prep. But the best deal was on the food dehydrator! We went to Cabela's and found one of their $400 commercial dehydrators in the bargain cave for $250, and then I got an additional 30% off...we also picked up a pack of screens for it and some silicone mats to make fruit leathers...and hubby got some ammo since we were there. They were having a promo for Cabela's card holders so we got an additional $70 off our purchase spending only $233 on all of it!!!!! I am so excited. The dehydrator is a ginormous but it will double as a yogurt maker and it was so cheap considering all the extras we got too!

Next week we'll get it up and going and make some yogurt! Stay tuned!

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