Monday, January 5, 2009

Cleaning the cabinets

Yogurt "cooking" in the dehydrator!

Bag of foods I can no longer have!

The pantry cupboard.

The kitchen cupboard

I purged our cupboards of alot of illegal foods. Some I am keeping for hubby and the girls. It's so nice to have things in orderly fashion. My next new years cleaning project will be the entry way and office. Those areas need help (again)!
I am still in the "preparing to transition" phase of SCD. I have begun eating some SCD foods while using up some stock in our cupboards/freezer. It seemed silly to waste food when I am overall feeling fine at the moment. I have not bought more cases of pop (I did have a can last night). I have cut down on my cereal intake too. Tonight we are grilling venison tenderloin and the marinade is SCD compliant!

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