Thursday, February 12, 2009

Switched over

I am now switched over to SCD fully. I really need to get some snacks and sweets prepared because I am starving and it's my own fault really. This diet really requires advance planning of a menu and extra prep time when it is actually time to cook since things are considerably more fresh as far as ingrediants go. We've done a few stir fry type dishes, with spice variations to keep it interesting.

This week I made a skillet hotdish...with beans and hamburger. Crock pot fajitas and crock pot venison roast were 2 other meals. We're grilling steaks on Valentine's day, leftovers tonight and I'm not sure what for tomorrow. In addition to planning things out better, I need to work on expanding my recipe 3 ring binder and makingbetter use of the crock pot more since my 2 helpers really aren't all that helpful with meal prep yet.

Here's my latest hobby!

I have taken up knitting too, that's been fun. It's a chance for me to escape, let daddy take over and talk with grown-ups. I've completed a hat, purse and some mittens. Next I'm going to work on fingerless gloves and a felted basket.

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