Friday, March 27, 2009

Tags, Tags Everywhere!

Another one of my crafting hobbies is stamping. I had a request for a set of backpack tags to be given out as birthday party favors. I think I need more boy stamps, they are the most challenging for me to make unique. I hope as Button's sleeping improves I will have a greater chance to craft.

This weekends agenda includes weaving in the loose ends and sewing the bottoms of the Easter Baskets and getting them felted. I also want to get started on their Easter dresses. I found some shirts at the Salvation Army today and want to follow this pattern. Hopefully it'll work well for me.

We are also counting down to our first camping trip of the year. The site has been reserved and we can't wait to get out in the Scamp!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

With a "quack, quack" here, and a "quack, quack" there. Here a "quack", there a "quack", everywhere a "quack, quack".

Here are the makings for Button's First Birthday Cake! She turned one last week and I thought I should post a pic of her cake because let's face was CUTE!! Bug had a fun time helping mommy stir the cake mix and pour it in the pans.

We baked it and them frosted it the next day after it was nice and cool. I think Bug liked that part best because we used cool whip and she got to lick the spoon! Here is our "rubber ducky" cake.

I am thankful for the warmer weather we've been having. I need to start planning the garden and find a place to put up a clothesline. We've gotten the bike trailer out for a couple walks and I ordered the part so I can attach it to my bike so we can head to the park.

Easter Basket update: the green one is done being knit. I have to weave in the ends and sew the bottom then felt it. The purple one has a couple more inches of side to knit and then the handles, weaving and sewing. Hopefully before the weekend is through they will be complete. I can't wait! Then I can find a few things to put in them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Flappy Scrappy Books and Easter Baskets

My newest stamping/scrapping obsession is flappy scrappy books. They are so cute and easy to make. Now I just need to decide what I want to put in them and order up some pictures.

Here is one closed up.

Here is one fully opened.

The Easter Baskets

Buttons Basket

Bugs Basket

I am so excited to make the girls Easter Baskets this year. I have Bugs done up to the handle (I'll go in tonight to get help with that step) and I just started working up the sides of Buttons. I love the colors.
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