Wednesday, April 15, 2009

crafting out of my ears

Well the past week I've done alot in the craft department. I made these backpack tags as a trade for some ready made craft kits for Bug (put together by a WAHM from a message board I am a part of). So far we've completed one of the three projects we recieved. She LOVED the paper bag puppet she made and wanted to do the other two crafts right then, but mean mommy is making her wait until we need something to fill an "I'm bored" moment. I was going to take her picture with the puppet, but alas the two year old won and I have no picture. Maybe I'll get puppet to co-operate while said two year old is napping. Stay tuned! If you are interested in tags, just shoot me an e-mail.

Here are the eggs we dyed for Easter. Bug basically got to watch, but she had a good time and loved seeing what mommy wrote on each egg.

Here are the completed Easter Baskets waiting for the girls. The biggest hit was the pinwheels.

And then there are the Easter Dresses. Grandma came over Saturday so I could finish these up. I caught the cold bug that was being passed through our house so I was lacking energy to work on them during the evening. Nothing like last minute, but they did in fact get done.

Here is Bug's

And this is the back

Here is Button's
I made hers short for her so she could still crawl and then made bloomers from the sleeves.

And the backside

Both dresses together.
Look how good the colors matched, not too shabby for Salvation Army shirts.

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