Thursday, April 16, 2009

Excited about.........................................TOAST!!!

You are probably wondering who in their right mind gets excited about toast?!?!?! Well the correct answer to that question is "someone who hasn't had it in 4 months". Since starting the SCD I've haven't had bread or toast, and have been eating things like burgers bunless, chopped up like a salad. I found a super easy recipe for making bread in the microwave of all places. It is almond flour based. What's worse than being excited about toast? Having your hubby make fun of you for taking a picture of the toast to blog about.

In other news, I am excited for the warm weather we've been having! It feels like spring for real now. I got the leaves cleaned out of the flower bed in the front of the house and want to get some gladiolus bulbs in the ground. Today I have my dental cleaning (yuck) and this weekend hopefully I'll be able to catch up with some cousins from out of town.

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