Tuesday, April 28, 2009

organizing the toys

I had to quick take a picture of the area before the girls got up from nap (before it was a mess again). I packed up a HUGE bag full of toys to put in storage for the time being. We'll see if the girls even miss the toys (I doubt it). Now we have 6 bins on the bookcase each with one item in it. The bottom shelf holds some self contained toys. The basket holds some bigger toys. Not pictured are the exersaucer (still handy to contain Button), the toy vacuum and the toy stroller. Board puzzles and books are on the other bookcase.

I took pictures of the contents of each bin and had them printed up as wallet size prints and will put the picture in the label holder on the front of the bin. We picked the pictures up at Costco this morning.

A peek into the baskets shows the contents. Green baskets...train, Mr. Potato Head, Cars (character cars from the movie...thank you Auntie A for providing Bug with the majority of them). White baskets...dolls, dress up, baby toys. Bottom shelf...dinosaurs, boxed puzzles, tool box, toy kennel, mailbox.

Here is the top of the bookcase that still needs help. I need to go through those baskets and purge, get rid of the stuff on the top, and go through the books.

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