Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a new direction...or is it?

I just have to get this out of my head where it's been running around for a few weeks now.
So after much discussion, evaluation and prayer...hubby and I have decided to remain in our current home for a few more years before pursuing moving.

This home has some drawbacks to it. First of all there is no basement so I dread the tornado sirens. Secondly we have no dining room which makes entertaining challenging/impossible. And thirdly the bedrooms are right off the living room which makes it tough for the girls, particularly Bug, to fall asleep.

However there are also alot of great things about the place. It really has all the square footage we need for daily living. If we had a slightly better floor plan with the same square footage we'd be made in the shade. I love the big back yard.The location is perfect, not too far from hubby's work so he doesn't waste the entire evening driving in traffic. We have spend almost 7 years here and redone just about everything, so if we stay we can actually enjoy our hard work and not have to constantly be doing home improvement projects. Since we won't have major house projects we can spend more time as a family and get out camping.
A few minor projects we have on the agenda include, installing a stackable washer/dryer where the washer currently is. No more dryer in the garage! Also in this process we'll put in a pretty laundry tub/cabinet since it's the first thing you see when you come into our home. Hubby is going to build the pantry to go in the space next to the refrigerator, get rid of the unsightly shelf(ok, so it's not unsightly, but a pantry would look much better). We are expanding the garden this year which means more fresh veggies. I'd like to continue to improve the landscaping and get some grass seed down to thicken up the lawn for the girls to play in. We'll also replace the tub surround and either replace or refinish the tub. Hubby will build a vanity that is smaller to go in there. I'd like to paint it and replace the tile floor (as the previous owners did a horrible job of it). And then there's my favorite redo. The Studio! I think I may want to paint in there (hubby cringed when I told him). He is going to build me a nice work should be the next thing he builds. And then he is going to make me a huge armoire for all of my stuff! I am so pumped! It will be a while before it's all done, but I can't wait. Can you tell his hobby is woodworking? Love it!

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