Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A new view!

Here is our front window project. Like our pink blanket curtain? It actually did a good job of blocking the wind. Thankfully it wasn't a rainy weekend, but it was a bit chilly. The best part of the project is that we didn't find any live bare wires loose in the walls like we have every other time we've done a project.
And a view from the inside. Notice that the window is just a double pain window. It didn't open.
After! TaDa! We have a ginormous double-double hung window. It opens so we can get some fresh air! It's about 18 inches wider and 6 inches taller than the old window.

Still using the blanket curtain until the drywall is patched, painted and the trim is up. It needs a good washing and some poly on the wood, hopefully a couple nights this week I can get to that after the girls are in bed so it won't be touched while drying.

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