Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to make clouds ~ and a studio update!

My first tutorial! Since I had a few comments here and on SCS about them, I thought I'd show how I made the clouds as shown on the snail card from {7/19}. . To start with gather a few circle punches. I used 1 1/4, 3/4 and 1/2 inch circles.

Punch one larger circle and 2-3 of each of the smaller sizes.

Glue the circles together to make a cloud shape.

Get your sponge and ink pad and go to town.

Wa~La! Clouds!

You will have to excuse the poor pics, my new over the desk light is not yet up...hopefully soon!

It's getting better in the studio, I think. Starting with under the window is a dresser that holds my knitting and some sewing supplies. On top sits my big shot, sewing machine #1, knitting basket, crafting magazines. Next to the dresser is a rolling cart with smaller paper punches and prepackaged card blanks. On top sits a basket of finished cards. On the floor is my purple bag I have to unpack and the tv tray Bug has been using to craft at.

Next you see the 3 shelves with bins. We took measurements while at Ikea and bought the bins. Hubby actually built the wooden cases. They house many supplies. My new Silhouette has a new home on top next to my cassette rack of ink pads. There is some chipboard on top in the glass Frap. bottles. My ATG also sits on top of the cassette rack. My Carl cutter is sitting under the cassette rack. I have ribbon and punches in a spice rack type holder that is meant to be attached to the back of a pantry door. I am going to be ditching it and getting curtain rods for my punches. Hubby also built my paper racks, I need more paper storage so that is on his list of things to do. My Scor-it sits between the Ikea cases and paper racks on the floor. My garbage cans are sitting in the middle of the room. Ha.

Here you can see my lovely desk space. Notice how I have the lamp in a pulled out drawer on the shelf. Yeah, that's no good. I can't wait for my new light. It will be mounted under the bottom shelf. My table will be replaced with a desk hubby is going to make. We got a tabletop on clearance a while back at Ikea, so he's going make some legs/drawers for it.

My typewriter ($1 at a garage sale!) sits under the table, along with sewing machine #2 and my serger. Some frequently used stuff is on the table, but I am planning on a rail system for the wall from Ikea to free up the table top. Misc. wood mounted stamps are in the 3 drawer unit on the left side of the bottom shelf. Scraps are in the right 3 drawer unit. Stampin' Up! stamps are above that. The photo boxes hold papers, adhesives, swaps. The top shelf has some more sewing stuff and papers in 2 large bins.

Someday it will all be done. Just in time to move probably! Thanks for looking! (you'll also notice I didn't show you the "office" side of things, that is under construction too, but is making progress).


  1. nice, you have lots of room ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing how you made those clouds! Great job! And your craft space is wonderful ~ as is your hubby for building so many of your items! You're a lucky-ducky!!!

  3. It's going to look awesome once you get it all done. Can't wait to see finished products of everything!

  4. wow gf.. u have as much stuff as I do.. almost! LOL

  5. Rachel....
    your frist card is so cool... Love it the colors wow!


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