Thursday, September 17, 2009

keeping busy! 1973 anyone?

So, fall was supposed to bring rountine and calm after our busy summer. In August things took an unexpected turn as we decided to move! We found this great place not too far from our current place that has all we need! It'll be a chaotic month but hopefully it will go smoothly. I have already purchased paint and primer for the walls of the upstairs. If anyone is free the weekend of October 10th, come over with your paintbrush! 17 gallons of paint and 6 gallons of primer are just waiting! Here's the catch, the house is stuck in 1973! The 2 car garage on the far right will be hubbys woodworking shop.

Here's our bedroom. That built-in will be coming out.

The kitchen will be getting a makeover hopefully next year.

Here's the studio...the most important room in the house! Notice the lovely gray paneling that is on all 4 walls. Pay special attention to the wallpapered closet. Even the closet ceiling got wallpapered.

A close up of the lovely print!


  1. Don't cha just love a fixer upper!! But hey it looks like a great size!! We bought too small this time and there's just not much you can do about that.

  2. Have fun making it your own! Wouldn't that wallpaper make a great background stamp or at least patterned paper??!!

  3. I think that wallpaper would be great as patterned paper!! :) Good luck with the remodeling!

  4. Well I know what YOU will be doing in all your spare time. Really this looks like a great place with plenty of room. Since my DH is a woodworker too, I know how important that workshop is!

  5. Oh Rachel what a fun project to redo!


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