Friday, October 23, 2009

Didja miss me?

Let me just say that moving is exhausting. Life has been chaos for over 2 weeks now. We have most of our stuff here now but it is all still in boxes. Before I can unpack, cleaning needs to occur. I am almost done with the kitchen cabinets. Let me just say that I should not be going through a bucket of water for one cabinet. NASTY. Here are some pics of our "progress".

The rental truck I got to drive! Notice it's size compared to the Explorer.

Here is the broken lift gate. It wouldn't go back up so we could no longer drive it. They had to tow the truck. Thankfully we were mostly done with it.

The girls room. 2 tone green.

Our room, the colors aren't the best in the picture, but I like how it looks in real life. You get the idea.

The living room. Again the colors aren't best and I don't have editing software on this computer. I love how it looks. The dark beams took 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. Not bad considering all the walls needed 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint because they were so smokey stained.

A swatch of the really old carpet under the carpet in the bedroom. WooHOO 1973!

Our room after the built in was removed and wall repair was underway.

The oil tank once it was dug out.

Oil tank in the ground.

Snow on October 12. Pretty, but so not right. I love fall and miss that we skipped it.
Flamingos outside the front door.
Boxes in the living room.
Boxes in the dining room. The carpet will get ripped up before the girls destroy it. We have been sitting on the kitchen floor to eat since spills wipe much easier there. .

Our bedroom...hmmm...boxes there too.

And the girls room. Notice we did get the paneling off the wall and it was sheet rocked under the paneling. Much better.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

old school gaming

The challenge this week was to make a card without using an image. I chose to break open the Cosmo Cricket and use stuff from their "the Boyfriend" collection. I love the patterned papers the colors are fabulous! I ran a piece of wire through my paper crimper and added it to the card by securing the ends with good 'ol Scotch tape, it not only attaches the wire, it protects the recipient from the wire ends. The front of the card is cut short along the pattern to give it interest. I choose the joystick controller sticker. I figure a sentiment can be added to the inside when I am ready to give it, anything from "Happy Birthday" to "Thinking of You" could fit.
Paper: the Boyfriend by Cosmo Cricket, Chocolate Chip SU cardstock
Accessories: the Boyfriend stickers, wire, scissors, corner rounder, adhesive

Sunday, October 4, 2009

another 1973 flashback

Just posting some more pictures of our new soon-to-be home. We close next Wednesday, I am excited for the possibilities it holds. And then the real fun will begin. The first weekend we'll be busy cleaning, prepping for painting and then giving everything a fresh coat of paint. We'll also be ripping up the brand new carpet that is in the dining area. With a 3 year old and an 18 month old, it'd be NASTY in a week from all the spills. I just started packing things up around here. We'll be moving two weeks from today. It is going to be a crazy few weeks around here.
Here is the girls room. You'll notice the lovely brown paneling and trendy mauve curtains.

This lovely floor to ceiling shelf closes in the dining room from the stairs. Can anyone spot the safety issue with this? Let's just say a piece of plywood will be screwed into the back until it can be replaced with a mission style railing down the road. And yes, little one has already tried to climb through it.

Yellow kitchen sink anyone?

This is the light hanging over the stairs. I actually kind of like it though so I'm not sure of it's future.

And does anyone like landscaping? Check out the HUGE bush in the back corner of the lot. It is literally at least 20 feet wide and about as deep.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy World Card Making Day!

In honor of World Card Making Day, Paper Maniac has the August and September Unity Stamp Company store kits on sale. They are an amazing 40% off through Sunday at noon.
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