Saturday, December 26, 2009

A belated Merry Christmas and introducing...Frosty and The Worm!

Merry Christmas friends! I hope that you had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Christ with family and friends. The girls have had fun enjoying all our snow and using their new shovels. This past week, (unrelated to Christmas, but more importantly related to potty success)we welcomed 2 guppies into our home. They currently reside in a big vase, their new 29 gallon home will arrive mid next week. Frosty has the red tail and Worm has the blue tail. Hubby and I have wanted fish for a while so this was our chance to start an aquarium. We would have loved to set up a saltwater tank, but we didn't have a spare $1,000 laying around. Bug is really enjoying feeding them and they both like to watch them swim.

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