Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today's project is fun for kids of all ages, and makes the created keepsakes archival when you use scrapping supplies. We made reindeer! First trace both hands on dark brown cardstock and cut out. Next trace one foot (shoe on or off, your choice) on a lighter brown cardstock. You can let the kids color them while you are cutting if they are too young to use scissors. Or have them use your paper punches to punch out the eyes and nose. My oldest (3 1/2) just loves to use my paper punches. We used 3/4 inch for the red nose, 1/2 inch for the white of the eye, and 1/4 inch for the pupil.

I decided I wanted to hang mine up in frames normally occupied with family photos, so I cut cardstock down to 8x10 for the frames. In the center frame, I stamped out "Merry Christmas 2009". I added the girls names and "2009" using the Just My Type alphabet by
Unity Stamp Company.

Here are my 3 frames hanging up. Bug loves seeing her project up on display.

As an added bonus, a project like this helps me justify my supplies to my hubby as necessary for "preschool". ;)


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