Friday, January 1, 2010

10 in '10

Happy New Year! As I was thinking ahead to the next year I came across an idea to post 10 goals that aren't necessarily resolutions. Here are the 10 priorities and areas I want to work on/do better/accomplish more in 2010. Many thanks to Shanna for the idea in general and a few specific ones too.
1) Complete Scripture Challenge 2010 ~check out Patter's Blog for details.
2) Set up and stick with daily cleaning schedule that fits with the new house/our schedule. ~before our move I had a pretty good system going. Now that we will have our dryer hooked up (as of tomorrow if all goes well) I won't be spending 2-3 mornings a week driving back and forth doing laundry and I can focus on other areas.
3) Restart SCD and limit cheating :) ~again the move has thrown me off. All the running back and forth, moving, painting, unpacking have necessitated quick meals. I have noticed changes that I will be glad to be rid of again once I buckle down on SCD. The lack of dishwasher slows the cooking process a bit. I need to make the required homemade goodies to be successful, but a better routine and less time on the road to do laundry will help this as well.
4) Intentional time of prayer/Bible Study. ~new study starts next week.
5) Get out of the house monthly without kids; either with friends, hubby or alone. ~I think this will be a bit of a struggle, but I need to be intentional even if it's just running to the grocery store or Target.
6) Work on one sewing or knitting project a month. ~I have a few things I want to complete, I'll need to organize those patterns so I can stay focused.
7) Speak kindly and gently, pause before reacting.
8) Plan family camping trips and monthly activities to break up the house projects. ~they can be simple activities, just something fun to do as a family. Hopefully we'll get in 4 or so camping trips this year as well since the girls enjoy it so much.
9) Work on menu planning to avoid the last minute "what's for dinner?" scramble. ~I am excited to try a few new recipes from my new SCD cookbook.
10) Organize and unpack the remaining rooms in the house, purging along the way. ~just one more way having a washer and dryer here will help me be more productive during our mornings at home.


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