Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a matching game

Today's project is a matching game for Bug to play with. I cut some white cardstock 3x4 inches, and cut some one inch strips of patterned paper from my favorite Sunshine Lollipop bundle so I could make a second set for Button and they can tell them apart and minimize the fighting (a girl can dream!). I stamped the numbers 0-9 on the fronts of one set of cards, and used a flower from a Unity kit to stamp to make the picture representation of the numbers. On the backs of each of the card I stamped the word, as a secondary way to match the cards up. I am in process of covering each card with contact paper to make them last longer in little hands, and will punch a hole in the upper left corner so I can attach them to a binder ring to keep them from becoming lost.


  1. This looks like fun :)

    ... speaking of fun...

    Thanks so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog; I thought you'd enjoy seeing what else I have been up to... I am so pleased to launch a new blog - http://prettylittlepalettes.blogspot.com/ and I hope you'll join me there for some fun!

    Nikki Morrell

  2. How fun!!! Off to make some for Eli! Of course his won't have flowers. :)


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