Monday, June 21, 2010

Makin' Progress Monday ~ hedge removal

Another day of landscaping occurred over the weekend. This time we attacked the front overgrown hedge that lined the angled right side of our driveway. A few of the smaller bushes were salvaged but the rest were such a mess that we will just start fresh. I don't have a good before shot of the project, but here is the space with everything taken out. The worst ones were the thorny bushes, they may have been some sort of rose, but they were tough to get out.

And, as an added bonus we discovered our driveway is about 2 feet wider along the north edge and 6-18 inches wider along the front angled side. The previous owners kept piling mulch into the overgrown bushes. I sketched a chalk line where the mulch and weeds had spread out to so you can see how much room was gained.

Knowing we wouldn't till up a garden this year I had actually thought that the hedge space would make a good spot for a garden. I honestly didn't think we'd get to the project until much later in the year rendering the idea useless. Well since we got to the project this weekend we decided to go ahead and move in the tomatoes that were very, very unhappy in the sandy soil in front of the house. I am thinking I may go get some clearance veggie plants and some miracle grow this morning to expand our garden a small bit. I need to finish leveling the area and removing some more of the mulch. I will add some pavers on the lawn side of the garden to separate it from the lawn. And, since this is just a veggie garden and will be dug out in the fall it keeps the area clear for snow removal (which was hubby's requirement). Here are the holes the tomatoes were dug out of, I planted them in the space in front of the house just to get them in the ground before we went on vacation last week.

Here they are in their new home along the north edge of the driveway.

In addition to the hedge project this weekend, two other fun things occurred. First, the air conditioner is now hooked up! It was replaced when the furnace was in the fall, but the wiring was dangerous so it needed a redo. Secondly, the (ugly) wrought iron railing that was in front of the house was removed. I love how it opens up the step, and it will look really nice once we get to landscaping the rest of the front.

Here are all my pots of flowers, they are doing well and quite happy there.

The big planter is over by the garage, and some of those plants started flowering this week too.

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