Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some recent thrift store finds!

So last week was our annual visit from out of town cousins. We spend time catching up and doing one of our favorite activities...thrifting! I prepared for the big day by hitting up my thrift store on Monday, gotta be in practice you know. I found some cute cloth napkins and a basket to store them in that is the perfect size. Also included in my score from the day are: a vintage recipe box, a new mirror (I think I'll paint the frame), a vintage knitting tote (which matches my couch and fits in great with my bedroom curtains too), and a desk top cube for scrapping tools.

Then on Tuesday (with the cousins) I found this little shelf/nightstand. It is sturdy and I see paint in it's future.

Check out the price! But, wait, it gets better! It was customer appreciation day so it was 25% off! $3 can't beat it!

And I had a plan for it, it is going to house my Big Shot. I am working on only buying things I have an immediate purpose for.

But that whole "buying with an immediate purpose" thing is a work in progress, because I bought this. I like how it looks, I am not sure what I will store in it yet. I think it will go into the studio, I am dreaming in vintage/shabby chic style for that room. So, what should I store in it??

Not pictured from the day, some clothes, little spice jars for scrapping embelishments (brand new 4 pack from IKEA), and a doll high chair for the girls.

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