Monday, July 12, 2010

Makin' Progress Monday ~ 140 and counting!

It's been a few weeks since I have posted a house project update. Our weekends have been packed full of projects. Attending neglected landscaping, removing sheetrock in the shop to prep it for new wiring, some re-organization in the garage and a HUGE basement clean up.

Here you can see my Begonias are super happy on the front step.

Here is what the front looks like. We just weeded again this weekend (it was really bad). Now it's all set for a bit more dirt to be brought in to level it out. Then we'll lay landscape fabric and some edger bricks.

Tomatoes and peppers are finally growing.

The playground is complete! (well almost, on the backside there is an opening for another climber, but we are going to wall it off and then attach the steering wheel, telescope and add a pulley and bucket for the girls to play with)

And here is the sight the yard waste pick up man has seen for the past 7 weeks. 20 bundles of branches from the yard. We are at 140 and counting for the season. In addition to that, the 96 gallon cart has been full every week. The previous owners were elderly and were lucky to get the lawn mowed according to the neighbors, so tree trimming and general landscape maintenance was non-existent.

Backyard trees.

Trees in the front yard. That pine will come down because it's too close to the maple tree, but in the meantime, it got a straight line trim so the maple would get sun.

Trees on the other side of the driveway in the front yard. The neighbors are noticing and liking what they see. It's nice to know the hard work is appreciated.

And then there is the massive bush in the corner of the backyard. We started cutting into it and bundling it.

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